Angel Cards

Angel Card – Tenderness

And the Angel Card this week is…….tenderness.   My first thought when I read the card was gentle.  When we tell a little person to be gentle with a baby or pet we could so easily substitute show tenderness.  In this busy fast paced world do you think we have lost some of our tenderness towards others and definitely towards ourselves?


At times I think tenderness is looked on as a weakness.  To get ahead we are told to be confident, aggressive, courageous and go-getters.  Where does tenderness come into that?  I think tenderness comes into it when we step back, take a breath and realise we are human.  People make mistakes, get angry, frustrated and sad.  Showing tenderness is like telling that little person to be gentle.  People need to feel safe and know someone cares and tenderness can do that.

What do you think of when you hear the word tenderness?  Does it evoke a positive reaction or negative?  How would you describe tenderness?  I would love to hear from you.

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!