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Paint, Thread and Tape

I am usually more motivated and organized once September hits but for some reason this year I wasn’t and September rolled on through.  Weather wise it was beautiful on the east coast so no complaints in that area. October started (WHAT!) and I made my “to do” list.  I was determined to get started on… Read More Paint, Thread and Tape


Gurus and mentors – what can they do for us?

I recently listened to a podcast on Gurus (you can substitute mentors here) on how we can learn from them.  We often seek them out or they appear when we need them.  I also think we have mentors all around us.  People who are courageously pushing their boundaries, exploring new worlds and creating the life… Read More Gurus and mentors – what can they do for us?


Embracing Fall – start your Fall bucket list!

When September rolls around I feel re-energized.  After a hot and humid (especially this year) summer the weather starts to cool, walking is at its best and everything is ramping back up.  All the Fall brochures arrive and I pour over classes ranging from yoga, dance, painting to seminars.   I head to the library… Read More Embracing Fall – start your Fall bucket list!


Forgive once and lighten the load

When I read this it stuck with me.   I knew, eventually, I wanted to do a post on it.  It is something I struggle with (am I the only one?) so hope this starts a conversation.  Here is goes: “you only have to forgive once.  To resent, you have to do it all day,… Read More Forgive once and lighten the load

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Inspiration Board – memories to keep

I thought I’d share my idea of a mood/inspiration board or for me it is capturing life events mine or friends.  My board has accumulated layers of pictures, brochures, quotes and more over the years.  I pick up postcards when travelling or at art shows, a few are ones friends’ sent and cards I receive.… Read More Inspiration Board – memories to keep


Decision making and knowing your personality type

For awhile now I have been listening to Personality Hacker.   Recently podcast #68 talked about developed and underdeveloped decision making using the Myers Brigg’s system.  Myers-Briggs has 4 decision making types – Extroverted Feeling, Introverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Thinking.  For decision making the podcast dealt with “should” statements.  How SHOULD the world work.… Read More Decision making and knowing your personality type


10 Questions

Last month I was reading one of my favorite blogs Centsational Girl and she did a post on 10 questions another blogger had challenged her on.  In turn she challenged other bloggers to answer 10 questions.  Wanda over at and I decided it was a neat idea and we’d liked to participate so challenged… Read More 10 Questions

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Interview with a “vintage” hunter

Something new for me – an interview with my friend and fellow blogger Wanda over at  She is also a vintage/antique hunter and I thought I’d share some of her thought on one of her favorite pastimes.    What got you interested in vintage items? It stems from the fact I spent most of my… Read More Interview with a “vintage” hunter


Quotes that lead to peace

I always have a journal going – not so much for daily entries but for notes on books I have read and quotes I want to keep.   I thought I’d share with a few quotes I have collected over the years from books, cards and friends.  Hope some of them speak to you. “Everyone has the power… Read More Quotes that lead to peace


5 Why Technique – decision making

I listened to a Podcast by Personality Hackers with Sir John Hargrave and he mentioned using the 5 whys technique to solve problems or make decisions. I investigated and thought this is worth sharing. By repeating the question why (5 times) after every previous answer you should get to the root cause/defect of the problem. It is… Read More 5 Why Technique – decision making