Book Club

Currently reading – No More Regrets

I picked this book up at the library on the title alone.  Regrets are something I think the majority of us struggle with over a life time.  I know I do.  I’m sure we all have lists in our heads over what if, I should have or I shouldn’t have. After reading the book I… Read More Currently reading – No More Regrets

Angel Cards

Angel Cards – Willingness

This week I pulled out the Angel card willingness.   My first reaction when I read the word was willingness to help, then willingness to change, willingness to open up – wow I think I could go on and on.   I think I’ll concentrate on willingness to change as that can lead to pretty well everything… Read More Angel Cards – Willingness

Home, Ideas

Free electronic books – really?

Have you checked out Smashwords?   It is a self-publishing site that houses a variety of electronic books from mysteries (my favorite genre), children, romance, inspirational, plays and many more.  Fiction and non-fiction. It is a way for first time writers to get their novels out there.  You will see writing in different languages, short-stories and free… Read More Free electronic books – really?

Angel Cards

Angel Cards – Abundance

This is week two of exploring words from Angel Cards.  See last week’s word freedom. When I think of the word abundance it brings to mind so many things. It is a positive word for me, that not only mean having material and financial abundance, but also relationships, spirituality and access to needed services. The last part I… Read More Angel Cards – Abundance

Crafts/Decor, Home

February Challenge – Puzzle Pieces???

When Wanda and I discussed doing a 2016 monthly challenge we came up with three ideas right away.  See last month’s canvass challenge if you missed it  January Challenge – artist canvass.   For this month we both had puzzle pieces left over from other projects so I thought great I am half way there.… Read More February Challenge – Puzzle Pieces???

Angel Cards

Exploring life with Angel Cards – Freedom

I want to try something new for 2016.  After mulling things over I rediscovered my Angel cards on the top of my bookcase.  I purchased these cards years ago and put in a flower pot I decorated, with the plan of pulling one card out daily and being inspired by that word for the day.… Read More Exploring life with Angel Cards – Freedom


Current Favorites on Pinterest

People are searching Pinterest for craft, DIY and decorating projects at an alarming speed.  You can type anything into search and you get a host of ideas.  With this in mind I thought I’d share of few of my favorite pins. Since I have started blogging and writing I find I am looking at creative spaces… Read More Current Favorites on Pinterest


Are you a consequence person?

This is not something new to me just that I gave it a name. Recently I was talking to someone about living within your means.   The past year had been rough for them with illness and uncertainty so they decided to live life to its fullest. Now things are settling and income coming into the… Read More Are you a consequence person?


Connect the dots!

Exploring our creativity, unblocking it or just being playful lead me to try the following exercise from The Artist’s Block Cured.   Remember connect the dot coloring books?  Or am I aging myself?  I randomly put dots all over a piece of paper and then, well, connected them.  I did not put any thought process in… Read More Connect the dots!