Starting a blog??

If you ask people who know me they will say I don’t share easily.  So to start a blog!!  Well that is pretty much putting it out there for me.  I have a super talented friend who has a Wandaful blog and I started this blog just so that I would have access to her blog for posting.  So besides “you can always start now” and I guess I am – I am using this blog, or I guess I say my blog, as a practice tool.  So let me know what you think works and doesn’t.  For this post I wanted to see how to insert a picture.  Taken outside Sedona, Arizona.  Love the landscape I have a thing for the desert.  Trip was made with my sister and we both had a terrific time.

Are we ready! Right now!

When is the best time to start?  We all know the answer it is NOW!  So why don’t we?  Why don’t we explore, dream, be open to new possibilities no matter how wild?  Or simple?  Or what others might call mundane? So lets “you can always start now”.  Ready, Set, Go!

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