Feeding my soul – live performances

Clarinet, Musical Instrument, Woodwind

I was lucky enough to have two invites to live performances the same week. One was a friend’s husband brass band and the other a play to mark an anniversary in our city. I went into them feeling tired as both were on a work night, but soon I was energized by the performances.

There has always been something about a live performance that feeds my soul. For me there is an energy from the performers that radiates off them. I feel it and am lifted and energized myself. I am no longer tired but fully present.

Maybe it is watching people doing what they love and offering it out there.  Whatever it is I always feel privileged to be in their presence and have the opportunity. Live performances feed my soul and recognizing this I take advantage of them whenever I can.

Listen and pay attention to what feeds your soul. You never know what type of package it could come in. I am lucky it comes in such a diverse one!

PS I used the clarinet shot as that is what my friend’s husband played during the concert.

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26 thoughts on “Feeding my soul – live performances

  1. I so agree! I listen to music all the time (actually right now – as I type – Dean Evenson’s Dream Space is flowing around the room. 🙂 A live performance, no matter the genre, allows me to see and feel the love a musician has for the work being performed. It brings a deep joy to my Soul to be experiencing that in a room with others who feel the same way.

    1. Total agree just something energizing there. I always walk out feeling good. Just wrote down Dean Evenson to check out later. Thanks for stopping by and I love connecting and sharing i.e. Dream Space next!!

    1. There is an energy there. Saw a concert on Friday of a group I didn’t know and was blown away at how much I enjoyed the them. Great way to start the weekend. FYI a bought boots yesterday!!

  2. Music and theatre is something that I live for. The arts inspire me and create memories you talk about for years. I’m so glad you’ve managed to get out to see lots of diverse things. This year I’ve tried to book in as many different events as possible from gigs to drag shows, theatre and ballet, there’s just such a variety xo

    1. Great you are experiencing so much variety. Went to concert on Friday of group I didn’t know (friend loves) and WOW so happy I did as loved them. So yes to variety and also seeing things you might not know much about, but having the experience and maybe just finding a band/performance you fall in love with.

    1. It is hard to describe the feeling to people who don’t enjoy life performances but I agree there is something magical when you experience people loving what they do.

  3. Attending live dance performances is one of my absolute favourite things to do! For a few hours I can get lost in another world and enjoy a wonderful journey, and usually experience some of the top dancers in the field. I know that everyone is different but I believe that live arts and cultural performances are good for the soul!

    1. Yes live arts and cultural performance are good for the soul! I love your line “get lost in another world and enjoy a wonderful journey”. Those words create such a positive feeling for me. Thank you.

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