Weekly journaling prompts – week five

January 29 My sweetest memory with my grandparents (or someone else).  I was young when my grandparents died so not a lot of memories.  I memory of my mom is her saying “let me get my coat” whenever I wanted to go someplace and no one else was available or wanted to go. She was always game for anything!

January 30 Good feelings bottled up.  Curling up with a good book, good conversation and sun on my face.

January 31 When I say this……..  What I really mean is this….  At times when I say yes to someone I really want to say no.  Valuing my own time is something I struggle with.  Giving my creative time more weight. Just because it is only me involved does not make it less valuable than someone else’s time. Learning to say no I have a commitment is a full answer.

February 1 Today’s ups and downs.  Retreat for work so an up was a change of scenery and theatre in evening.  Down was the new restaurant we wanted to try had over an hour wait time.

February 2 These are a few of my favourite things:

  • A is for atmosphere – creating a safe place, a place to create and a home that reflect me/you!
  • B is for book (I mean really, if you have been reading my blog or know me at all that was a given.)

February 3/4 Hierarchy of my needs right now:

  1. Start to put myself first and learn to say no to people and events that are not in line with where I currently am heading. Saying no now does not mean forever.
  2. Better routine for writing and blogging during the week.
  3. Learn more about WordPress etc.

You can always start now!


24 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts – week five

  1. Learning to say no is a key to happiness. I think sometimes we think no is equivalent to disrespect or rudeness. But, that’s not so. I have a friend who truly says yes only when she means it. At first it was jarring, but I’ve come to love this about her. It’s the ultimate in respect when it comes from a person you can trust. The key to saying no gracefully is to honor the intention of both the person that asked and myself. With an open heart, which you definitely have, anything is possible.

    1. Totally agree. I am a big person on knowing where I stand with people so I am okay if I hear no, knowing the intention is respectful. Good for your friend. I think we can also let people know our boundaries which can help in certain situations. Always enjoy your comments and when you visit!

    1. I just fell for the calendar when I saw it, so knew I’d be doing the prompts with co-worker. Such a neat idea to get the juices flowing. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks and be prepared for the door you just opened!! This is my year of “courage” and that means putting myself out there. Part of that I think is asking for help, letting others know you need it (or what you are working on) and being open to helping others. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I hope your year of courage goes well and you get what you want out of it.
        I’m always willing to help others so if you need WP help do ask. Also I’ve been letting people post in this blog over recent months, if you need the extra exposure I’m happy to collaborate with you. ☺️

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