Weekly journaling prompts – week three

Friend received above calendar for Christmas and now I am doing the daily prompts with her so of course I’m going to blog about it!!  Week three!!

January 15 What I’m protesting. I am currently protesting people’s idea of beauty. Recently, a three-year old read her favourite new book to me (Big Hair and Proud) or title close to that.  She was animated and showed pictures of a beautiful little girl with big hair. The problem is people are trying to “tame” her hair. I am protesting that! What gives anyone the right to “tame” someone’s hair. What they are telling this little girl is that your hair is not pretty or the norm. Short answer it isn’t straight and neat (or their definition of neat). People get a grip. Beauty is subjective don’t push your idea onto someone else. Especially if you are telling them they are wrong, not pretty and basically not good enough.

January 16 My area of expertise. Trivia! The chosen topic is….. I am going with travel as I enjoy it and have seen a few places around the world. I would not say this is my area of expertise but I can’t think of another topic what I know well. General knowledge doesn’t count does it?

January 17 Pie chart of what I like most about this city. I tried to insert a Word pie chart and an Excel pie chart and no go. Sorry guys.

  • Social (pubs, restaurant, library) 25%
  • Arts (theatre (season tickets), music etc.) 25%
  • Waterfront 15%
  • Trees (love my trees) 25%
  • Ferry 10%

January 18 the highlights of my day:

  • Freezing rain from the night before had stopped before I headed to work
  • Went to IKEA with co-worker after work (see last week why this is big!)
  • Had soft ice-cream at IKEA. I mean the swirl vanilla and chocolate

January 19 Battles I’ve fought and won. Deciding to backpack in Australia versus getting a job after university. After debating internally I realised I was confirming to what society thought I should do. Not what I wanted to do. So done with that. I went backpacking.

January 20/21 What LOVE smells like to me. I think LOVE smells like the individual you are in love with – their body wash, cologne or whatever. Something that can trigger a memory.

You can always start now!



3 thoughts on “Weekly journaling prompts – week three

  1. I like the “Battle” you won. I decided to be a writer after college, so moved to San Francisco, began writing a novel, got an “internship” at a magazine, and waited tables. I learned a lot during those years. One of which was I didn’t know enough of life–or wasn’t ready to tap into what I did know–to write successfully. I just wasn’t ready. So, I moved back to Southern California, and eventually got a “real” job. Years later I began writing again. I’d say that “battle” was more of a war. A war to return to myself.
    Deep Thoughts for a Sunday. 🙂

    1. I think if we can treat life as a journey and learning experience we are moving forward. I am sure your internship, waiting tables and living in San Francisco was part of that. I’m happy you are winning the war and writing.

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