Weekly journaling via prompts – week two

Fast update in case you are stopping by for the first time.  A co-worker received the above calendar for Christmas. I love it – can’t find it – so doing the prompts with her.  I decided to share them on a weekly basis.  I am behind so you get two weeks this week as a caught up.  Week two!

January 8 Was a crossword puzzle.  9 words. There were a few places where they crossed over. No hints, so you had to find words that fit into the puzzle. Wasn’t my favourite thing to do.  She enjoyed it though.

January 9 Something to be proud of (even if no one else noticed).  Kept my opinion to myself as knew it would not be appreciated.

January 10 VOUCHER for one hour of FREE TIME!  Both co-worker and I put a yoga class. Last night started back to yoga classes for the new year. New instructor for me. Classes are 90 minutes in length and within walking distance of home so that makes them even better!

January 11 A new direction I’d like to try: be more courageous when responding to others wants/needs if they conflict with mine. Basically start putting myself first sometimes!

January 12 If a genie gave me 3 wishes right now:

  1. Live in New York City for a year
  2. Have a personal chef
  3. Volunteer abroad (teaching children, building a school, stuff like that)

I guess if I said unlimited funds (co-worker did) for one wish it would take care of the three above! Or would the genie not grant my wish because not specific enough? Don’t want to take the risk.

January 13/14 The apps I’m most thankful for and why.

  • Currently SLACK as just joined a group and easy to keep track of what is going on
  • Facebook as I can pop in and see what you are all up to

This catches me up.  Plan is to post Wednesday/Thursday each week. Hope my prompts got you thinking and dreaming about a few things.

You can always start now!




25 thoughts on “Weekly journaling via prompts – week two

  1. Love the January 11th idea: I think knowing that you CAN and WILL say NO sometimes actually enhances relationships. It means that when you say YES you really mean it and are doing it with a full heart. Or at least, that’s one of the learnings I had when I started to focus on doing only what I truly wanted to do. It brings me back into alignment with a grateful heart. Banishing “obligation” allowed me to let go of resentments and “keeping score.” Instead, every action (or most) I do because I actually want to. In a weird way, I made this commitment as part of self-care, but in the end, I think it helps the people close to me just as much. I like your journaling!

    1. Enjoying the writing prompts. I would rather someone say no than be wishy washy about it. As really that just keeps people hanging and not respectful. Agree saying no could enhance relationships as you would know where you stand with people. Your word would mean something. Saying no is part of self-care as burning yourself out and resentment are taking both you and other people under. Thanks for visiting. Always enjoy your take on things. Got caught up with Netflix today!!

  2. Ok, so are we talking living in NYC for a year with unlimited funds or a budget? I love NYC! I lived there for about 3 months and it was a tough place to live. Then again, I was an intern making only $8 an hour.

    1. Unlimited budget would be a dream living anywhere. I would love to live in NYC even for a few months on a budget just to experience and take it all in. With these AirBnB it looks more doable plus grab a friend to help with costs. Possibilities and exploring all good.

  3. Loving these posts and this calendar!
    Was it the crossword one you were telling me about in my previous comment?
    I think you’re right about the genie, needs to be specific 😃

    1. No this week was crossword. Yeah I think the genie would say not specific enough you lose out! I am enjoying the daily prompts. Such a neat idea. What would your three genie wishes be?

      1. Ooh tricky one, I think I would wish for a nice big wheelchair accessible house….
        I’d like to teleport to Italy on a holiday, as planes aren’t great for me!
        And….. I’ll have to think!

  4. This is an interesting idea- I like how varied it is! I’m not a huge journaling person, it doesn’t hold my interest for more than about a week, but I like that this keeps moving and sets you tasks rather than simply recounting/reflecting.

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!