Weekly journaling via prompts week one

I am currently obsessed with this calendar. A friend at work received it for Christmas. Every day you do a journal entry. I immediately went out looking for it as I love the idea – but alas I couldn’t find it. So I am doing the next best thing and “bonding” over her calendar.

I thought I’d share my calendar journaling by the week and see where it takes me so here it goes!

January 1 All the places I want to visit this year

  • South Shore (friend lives down there)
  • Toronto
  • IKEA (seriously one opened here but it is easier for me to get to the airport than IKEA)
  • Europe (I know too broad but discussion needed with friend over where to vacation)

January 2 My hope for 2018 is to have more collaboration, mindfulness and courage. My hope is to have less self-doubt.

January 3 A small but satisfying victory is starting a new story.

January 4 Scent of the day – my sense of smell is bad, unless I have an allergic reaction like to perfume than it is pretty good as it is accompanied by a headache. Today it poured and we had high winds so it was a fresh scent.

January 5 Three things I’m thankful for today:

  • Transit was running (they stopped running yesterday due to weather)
  • That it is Friday
  • Nothing planned for tonight

January 6 & 7 The nicest thing I’ve ever said about myself.   Hmm…….That I enjoy learning and pushing boundaries.

So that is week one for me.

You can always start now!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!