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Intentions for a new year

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I am not one to set New Year Resolutions, but I do want to set intentions for the coming year. Purpose, goals, plans, objectives and targets.  All words that fall under intentions when I plug into the Thesaurus.

Resolutions took on a different look. Promises, pledges, vows and oaths. I don’t know about you, but resolutions wasn’t striking me as something I wanted to tackle in the new year.

I can get behind goals and plans but oaths? Not so much.  So, that being said I moved on.  In December I was doing some exercises and the word courage came up. It made me sit back and think. Yes, courage is a good word. It is something I want more of.  I’m making courage my word for the new year. Done.

So with courage in hand (well really on paper/screen) I am setting my intentions. My courageous intentions are to put myself out there. To finish a first draft on a novel. To see if anyone is interesting in collaborating. To come up with some ideas for collaboration. To ask. Just to ask “are you interested in…….” “That sounds interesting do you need help with……” “I’d be interesting in participating in…….”

My intentions are to seize opportunities. To not over think everything. If it captures my eye ask yes / no questions. Do I have time for this? Can I make time? Does it make me tingle in anticipation? All yes or no answers. Listen to my gut more.

So intentions, goals, plans, objectives you pick the word. Are we ready to set them? Embrace them? Toss previous intentions out the window and start over! Whatever – new year, new chapter. Let’s rock it.

You can always start now!

PS would love to hear your intentions or collaborative ideas in the comment! Just putting it out there……



23 thoughts on “Intentions for a new year

    1. Those are good intentions. I agree putting yourself out there can be tough and I think scary at times. Open and honest I don’t think you can go wrong with that. But remember to consider the source if you get negative crap. It is about them not us.

    1. It is all in the word – you know that!! Best of luck with your intentions as well. I figure if I put them out there I have more accountability! Here is hoping.

  1. Beautifully written! I have set some goals of my own… now to achieve them! I will do an update about them on my blog every two months, so there’s a bit more pressure do actuallyl do something about those goals. I hope that works. Good luck with your intentions 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to your goals update. Good idea as I think it keeps us more accountable. I always work better with a deadline or when I have committed to something. So to 2018 and making it rock.

    1. At least with the word no you have an answer. Hearing nothing can put you in a holding pattern sometimes. I overthink also so yes to doing less of that! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great post! I love the idea of goal setting and yours are awesome! I could also work on not overthinking. My goals for the new year are to save money and start training for a half marathon eekkk!

    1. Your goals are great also. Both can be broken down into measurable pieces. Are you saving for a specific item? Maybe take a picture of it if you are for inspiration!

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