Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Resolution

It is that time of the week! Head over to Linda G Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Every week Linda gives us a writing prompt and we write. No over thinking, editing or planning. Just write what that prompt means to you. Check her out for other writing prompts.

This week……resolution.

Her resolution was amazing.  Five months ago she said she would write, edit and publish a novel.  We were partying at the time so we laughed it off. I don’t think anyone really remembered her even saying it.

So five month later we are out celebrating a birthday and she text us a link. It is her Amazon page with her novel front and center. Told you I could do it she states. What is it about we ask? You. All of you. Your stories. It is all there. Read it.

You can always start now!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!