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Ideas for a less stressful holiday season

This is an older post from last year that is relevant.  I have added a few new ideas.  Laptop or paper and pen, coffee (or something stronger) and time.  Okay, I’m thinking the time one might be hard to achieve with the busiest time of year soon upon us.  So I think we should strategy how to make this easier.

♥    Take your laptop and/or paper and pen and leave now or soon and head to a coffee shop alone. Treat yourself and just sit and take a few deep breaths.  Okay paper & pen out.  Start making your lists of people to buy for, groceries, events to attend or host.  Remember NOT to let your coffee get cold.  Sip, breath you are doing fine.

♥   If you work full or part-time outside the house start taking advantage of lunch hours.  You can do a duck in and grab, even if only for one item it is one less you have to worry about.  Or lock yourself in your office and do your online shopping – remember it your lunch break.

♥   Can you delegate?  Or share?  Do you have a friend who is heading in one direction and you in another?  Are there easy items you could pick up for each other? Say wine? Stocking stuffers? Chocolate?

♥   What about baking – yes baking.  It is not for everyone but if you hate it how about having a friend do some baking for you and you do some wrapping for her?

♥   A few years ago I decided to give my nieces and nephews pewter Christmas ornaments.  Is there a gift you could give yearly? Maybe a magazine subscription, ornaments, flowers, baked goods or good coffee?

♥   If you send cards put them on the coffee table and write out addresses while watching television.

♥   Maybe this is the year you decided to do a family gift exchange instead of individual gifts.

♥   Purchase pretty napkins and have on hand for quick and easy hostess gifts.

♥   Consider buying a goat or rabbit from World Vision, Oxfam or any charity local or in your country.

♥   What about making up a playlist for friends. Tell someone you will take care of the music for a party.

♥   If you enjoy doing crafts than have a craft party. Pick something like bath bombs or a wreath and just have a fun time. PS use the playlist from the friend!!

♥   Consider gift cards – now those you can pick up on your lunch time.

♥   If you have a Farmer’s Market or Craft Market grab a coffee head there.  Buy local it is a win/win for you and your community.

♥   Breathe and realize people remember experiences and how you made them feel more than anything material you give them.

Happy Holidays

You can always start now ! 

54 thoughts on “Ideas for a less stressful holiday season

  1. I love the idea of donations as well and have written about Kiva which is a microloan site. I love giving gifts in other people’s names through here because the money is paid back and then they can donate again. The gift that keeps on giving!

    1. That is great. I would so rather give to charity or a gift given in my name than receive something. If I want something I will buy it myself. The gift that keeps on giving is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by. Checking out Kiva

  2. I *LOVE* the holidays, but I plan weeks ahead when it comes to this season- it is so busy and it’s so easy to get carried away and overwhelmed. You have to set time aside to de-stress if you want to make it through!!

    1. So true. I love the holidays also and consider the whole month of December “the holiday”. I think breaking things down into bite sizes pieces and delegating. Yes to setting aside time to de-stress – make that more of a priority. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Great tips! Festive season is always so stressful to many people so it’s very useful. Personally, I don’t stress about anything and just enjoy the jolly time haha thank you for sharing!

    Julia xx

    1. I like to treat the whole holiday season as the month of December. Start your cards early and send. Make plans with friends. It isn’t one day so yeah like you let’s just enjoy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like bullet-ed articles also. Hope you can use some of the ideas! I plan to get cards out this weekend to at see what I have and start!!

  4. Good advice! I loved the suggestion about using your lunch break to get some quick gift shopping done.
    I need to get organized this year!

  5. There are a lot of great ideas and suggestions in here! I love gift cards, I know some people think they are impersonal but for a person like me who loves video games and books gift cards are perfect!

    1. I would rather receive a gift card than a gift I can’t use or that isn’t me. So I don’t think they are impersonal – if people are worried about that purchase something inexpensive to go with it like homemade soap or something fun like a puzzle. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

        1. Letting go of perfection is hard and sometimes just starting harder. Having first cup of coffee. Had a great time at the blog party meeting and sharing with everyone. I find blogging is such a supportive community. Was happy to party with you!!

          1. I tell myself that, at the end of the day, Christmas is better with the imperfections, as long as you are spending it with the ones you love <3 Blogging has always been such a positive, comforting place to me! I was so happy to party with you too 😀

    1. I agree. Just on phone with a friend and we were saying can’t believe we are into double digits in December! Take time to breath and remember it is also about you (not just everyone else).

  6. Great tips! The holidays are such a busy time for everyone it is sad to think of people being stressed and not having time to do things that they live like wrap presents or bake. It is supposed to be fun after all. But these tips are a great way to keep the stress levels down for sure. I like the idea of writing christmas cards while watching tv, multitasking all the way!

    1. Thank you. Yes, it is about checking ourselves at the door sometimes and realizing what is important here. Not just during the holiday season but all year. Take care. Have tree up but not decorated!

    1. Your welcome. Delegating is hard at any time of year, but I think people want to help. Sometimes they just need the nudge! Happy Holidays and remember take time for you and breathe

  7. Amelia,
    This was an excellent post! It is so unfortunate that the time of year that is supposed to be one of the happiest can often end up being the most stressful. Thank you for sharing these great tips with us!


  8. This is my third year of not doing any Christmas shopping (or Christmas activities). Most of it is for budget reasons (I’m broooooke), but part of it is also just being… done. I used to take the holidays incredibly seriously. Everybody needed the perfect present, perfectly wrapped, delivered to wherever they would be on Christmas day (in advance) so they could open it on Christmas morning. Dinners planned, advent calendars set… nope. I’m done. I give up. I surrender. Now I save myself the stress of the holidays by limiting myself to buying Andes mints and sugar cookies and watching one or two holiday movies. That’s it.

    1. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves and have too high expectations. Recently read a book (Gratitude Diaries) and it said we gain more happiness and gratitude from experiences not from material objects (which often we forget or want something different as soon as we have it!). Go and create the Christmas you want if you are happy the people around you should be happy!

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