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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – psst…..

It is that time of the week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over to Linda G Hill to find out more information and other writing prompts.  Just write!

Psst, psst, comes from the person beside me. I keep my eyes forward and try not to engage. Who psst anyways? Now a days it is hey you, or straight out ask your question, demand or whatever. I try to concentrate on what the person on stage is saying. Why do people think what they have to say is more important than anyone else?

I jump when my arm is touched and my head zips around to face the toucher.  Wide eyes they point down to where my bag is sitting in some sticky substance that has been running down from the back of the room. Psst, psst they start on the person ahead of me.

You can always start now!


3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – psst…..

    1. OMG I never thought of that until you wrote it. Something like she thinks it is dirty sticky water but it is something alive now being transported on her bag home. Oh you I have other work to do today!!

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