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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Arm

It is that time of the week for Linda G Hill Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Where Linda gives us a writing prompt and we write. Don’t over think it just write a stream of consciousness of what that words means to you – at least today!!

I take my arm for granted. It is just part of my body for me to do with it as I please. Swing it, dangle it and even hug with it. I don’t real notice it until it happens. I lay on it and fall sleep and then it happens.  The shooting pain of it waking up, how useless it is.  My first thought of “do I really need this arm?”  When is this going to end? Can I take it? Oh, now the tingling.  Then it is over and my arm is just, well my arm again. Until it happens………

You can always start now!


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