Join a world-wide writing experience


It is that time of year!  I am excited to start National Novel Writing Month.  It takes place the month of November where the world gets together and writes!  It is a non-profit which supports and encourages writers of all levels.  What is neat about it is regional forums. Where you can find other participants in your area and get together and write as a community.

I have participated in NaNoNo other years.  In my city we have gotten together at coffee shops, library and last year a dozen of us met at someone’s work space.

Writing can be a solitary job, so why not for one month have a worldwide community. Not just in your area but find “writing buddies” anywhere in the world or maybe in our own blogging community.

So for the month of November I will be writing away to achieve my 50,000 words.  It is the one month I am full-on committed to a writing goal.  So if anyone wants to join me let me know. Remember we can be writing buddies, live anywhere and cheer each other on.

You can always start now!



3 thoughts on “Join a world-wide writing experience

    1. No you are not too late it doesn’t start until November. They also have camps I think in April and July where you can pick your word count. Worth checking out.

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