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Change of seasons and energy level

Is it just me that a change of seasons seems to affect my energy level?  Come September (Autumn) I am more energized to start projects, take courses, purge and move furniture!  Maybe it is because I have always thought of September as the start of the year, with school starting and people back into routines after the summer.

I think it is important we recognize energy levels can change due to weather and/or seasons. Seriously, I know I am not energized when it is hot and humid and my focus is on soaking up the sun. That is okay. It is recognizing how I feel, my energy level and making the most out of it.

If you live in a part of the world (like me) with a change of seasons, it gives you an opportunity to focus on different things during the year.  Outside living in the summer, projects and hiking in the autumn, nesting in the winter and planning in the spring.  All have different energy levels and different things to embrace.

My energy level increases in the autumn with cooler temperatures.  I enjoy winter and nesting and catching up with DIY and reading. I think all seasons have something to offer. It is just tapping into it, acknowledging your energy level and making the most out of what season you are in.

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20 thoughts on “Change of seasons and energy level

  1. I am the opposite. The rain and the darker weather seems to zap my energy levels completely.
    It is blue skies that energise me!

    I seem to be the odd one out!

    1. Oh it is blue sky that energises me. I don’t mind winter and colder temperatures as long as it is sunny/blue sky. I guess I am more energized by less heat and humidity – or cooler temperatures but always blue sky!

  2. While I love the season; autumnal colours and a freshening of the air post high summer; I’m not a fan of shorter daylight hours and the grey that follows in winter. Autumn and spring are, perhaps, my favourite times, as they signal end and renewal. The bit in between (winter) I am less keen on… I think I may be tinged with SAD during this period. Although, when snow actually fell and landscapes changed it was more enjoyable. I am finding endless grey weather, wind and barren brown agricultural landscapes rather less engaging…. Hmm, almost threw in a “Bah Humbugs” then too…ooops 🙂

    1. I enjoy autumn for the colours and freshening temperatures also – to me that is energizing. I live on the east coast so winter is cold and days are shorter but we still often have blue sky/sun. I can deal with pretty well any temperature if the sun is out! I don’t mind snow as long as it doesn’t shut the city down!! It can be beautiful. So those shorter days – well we’ll be blogging right? Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Good point! I’m currently linking with Janice Wald to do a post on seasonal blogging and the impact on views throughout the year. I agree with the sun and blue skies during winter too. They can be really beautiful. It’s just the grey and last year here it went on and on. Really got to me fot some reason!

        1. Will check out you and Janice Wald as that will be interesting. I mind grey sky and rain all seasons. I think it is the shorter days that impact people more than temperature – you know going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. If you don’t get out at lunch time or even have a window it must be unbearable. So to making the most of all seasons!

          1. Very true. I once worked in a laser lab that was blacked out and ran with lights off. In winter it was mind altering, go in in the dark, work in the dark, go home in the dark. Not good! We are hoping to put something together that will pick up a lot of anecdotal comments so new bloggers in particular don’t get dusillusioned thinking they are wasting their time if views drop. I think at times that gets most of us in poor spirits at some point!

            1. Let me know if I can do anything for yours and Janice project. Regarding shorter days reason why I leave the building at lunch (or try to!).

            2. Very wise, SAD affects more people than expected. Mind you, our evolution wasn’t designed to be stuck in dark buildings all day long!

              Will do re the project. Early days yet and there’s a poll running on BUYB to see what other bloggers feel about views throught the year

            3. I don’t know what I would be like if I couldn’t see sun for a whole season! Someone today at work said “I wish I skied as I would enjoy winter”. Makes you think we should be putting things in play. Will be checking BUYB.

            4. Crumbs, imagine that. I guess it means we should really make the effort to take walks even in the coldest weather. That said, here it’s often overcast and grey. At least that’s my overarching memory of last year. Short days and grey. Terrible ?

  3. I love every season for different reasons. Summer and warm weather gives me the opportunity to get out more and go places, do things outside. It in winter I focus more on my crafts, and things around the house. I have to say though I do feel more motivated when the sun is shining, even in winter I like some sunny days.

    1. Totally agreement with you. It is the sun I miss more than the heat, so if I have blue skies in winter I am happy. Autumn is perfect here (Canada) for getting outside with less humidity. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I envy you having an increase at this time of year! I can feel myself winding down for the winter and waiting for Spring, when I feel new beginnings and a time to get going again! That being said, it’s not like a hibernate. I still get on with whatever needs doing, but in a more reluctant way!

    1. I think all seasons offer something – even slowing down or nesting. I’m sitting here in Canada so winter can be a long season for us. So making the most of it is important. Winter for me is often when I tackle projects so always enjoy that. Thanks for stopping by!

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