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Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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It is that time of the week, Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  I enjoy this writing prompt as it is free writing. No editing or over thinking. Just what does this word/prompt mean to me.  Check out all the details over at Linda G Hill. The prompt this week is do/due/dew.

I walk to work and the last part involves walking across the commons. It isn’t a park, there are no trees and it is surrounded on all sides by major streets in the city.  For a long time it just had a fountain in the middle and baseball diamonds. For the Canadian Games one year the city built an outdoor oval for speed skating, which now takes a large corner of the commons.  You are wondering now where my prompt is so…..  Some mornings when I am walking across the commons my sneakers get wet do to dew.  This is somewhat important as I now have slightly damp feet.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday – planning for no damp feet today!

You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. I can’t stand those slightly wet feet. I get mine walking the pup through the yard. I have to admit to being a little jealous of your being able to walk to work.

    Thanks for joining us today on the SoCS train.

    1. It is just under 5 k each way through the city. Living in Canada I walk 5-6 months of the year as once November hits it is dark before I get home, cold and icy. Right now after a humid and hot summer it is perfect walking weather. Enjoying SoCS!!

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