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A different kind of challenge – vision board

In case you are visiting for the first time fast update to what is going on. Starting in January of this year I decided to challenge myself monthly.  My monthly challenges have ranged from listening to new Podcasts, loving kindness meditation, creative prompts and more.  At end of the post are links to my other challenges.

Last month I challenged myself to a craft using napkins (which I picked up at the Dollar Store).  Modpodge Rocks Blog has a tutorial which I used to modpodge the napkins on two flower pots. I painted the rims but not the pots – hence the reason you can see the terracotta show through the napkins. The napkins are super thin as you peel a layer off.  Different look – paint the pots.

This month I want to concentrate on my Pinterest vision board. I started the board a while ago. I pin images of the life I want to create and/or creating. The pins range from outfits, places I want to live/see, inspirational quotes, ideas to pursue and more. So I want to challenge you to create your own vision board if you haven’t already. This board is all about you and where you want to go. It should be full of a variety of pins. I’ll report back some of my pins for the month.

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You can always start now !



9 thoughts on “A different kind of challenge – vision board

  1. Monthly challenges are a great way to widen your horizons, learn a new skill, or find something new you enjoy. Normally though, people pick the same things, you’ve got some really sweet and unique challenges here!

    1. I wanted to do things differently. Enjoying shaking things up. Plus I always like trying new things/ideas. Hope something sparked your interest. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I’m not creative or arty either! I just like trying new things – plus listening to podcasts and snail mail were in my scope of non-arty! I think blogging is creative and it has helped push my boundaries in other areas. Just putting myself out there mistakes and all is big. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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