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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Guess

Saturday already! What!  Where is the week, no month, going!  Saturday is stream of consciousness where I get a prompt from Linda G Hill Life in progress .  Check her out for the rules and more info.  The prompt guess.  Yes, I really mean the word prompt is guess!

I guess I should decide what I want to do today.  Energy, time and money wise.  I am trying to make decisions factoring these forces in.  It is Saturday 7:44 am – I laid in bed for ages before finally calling it quits and getting up.  The other factor I consider is what do I want to do or purchase in the future (savings).  Sitting here I know I should also be factoring in what brings my joy.

So I hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday doing what brings them joy without stress later on.

You can always start now !





4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Guess

    1. Can you imagine if this was our worst problem!! We would be laughing. Ended up going out at the last moment with a friend and picking up item I wanted after that. Actually lovely Saturday as hadn’t seen friend for a while so good chat. Hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

    1. It was too funny. Raining all day so I debating out or in. I don’t have a vehicle so public transit or walking. Finally decided to get some errands done when I friend called to see if I wanted to head out for a drink/munchies so was perfect as picked up item after that!

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