Reality Check

Within the past week I had an email from a friend and a post from a blogger both writing about cancer.  Friend has Stage One cancer and blogger (also friend in an incredible blogging community) is in a holding pattern at the moment.  It made me sit back and again do a reality check.  Why does it often takes sad/bad news for us to shake our heads and pull our socks up. Or at least me.

I have often felt life is a stats game.  1 in 10 will be diagnosed with that.  You have a 20% chance of getting this.  As a women your chances are…… if you are over 60 your chances are…..   Sometime I feel it is about the numbers/percentages.

So what can we do about this?  Well for starters we can start today not putting things off.   This attitude of when I finish school, get married, get a fabulous job, when I retire when I…..whatever, I will be happy, secure, have money, less debt etc.  Yeah, maybe you will or maybe you won’t. If life is a stat game I have never felt that special that my number won’t come up.  Life is not 100% guaranteed in ANYTHING.

What we can do is find joy in what we have right now.  Yes to planning for the future, but also for living life now.  For making this day or chapter in our lives the best we can (debt, job, family and health wise).  Do not put everything in that future basket – right now take it out and have a look.  Is there anything in there you could move up to the present? Even if it is only a piece of it – like you want to see Europe when you retire.  Could you not plan a trip to Spain next year?

For my reality check I am not going to disappoint.  I am getting my basket out and having a look.  What is no longer relevant? What can I do today to start to make this or that happen?  Where can I block off time to start creating the life I want?

We had a plaque in our house when I was growing up that read “today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”.   So let’s grab our today and make it count. If life is a stats game all numbers are important and I want mine to be fighting ready.   We rock ladies.

You can always start now!



8 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Excellent reminder! While I wish there were a less dramatic way of getting a wake-up call, it’s still awesome that something so negative (a cancer scare) can inspire positivity (ticking things off a bucket list) at the same time. You are very correct – we all ROCK! 😀

    1. You rock. This morning had a conversation with friend about treating every moment together as important as you never know. Even it if listening to what is being said, looking someone directly in the eye, being present for that person. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could all make the person we are with at that moment feel like they are important and worthy of our time. WOW.

  2. The big “C” word has hit so many friends and family. This is why we do what we do. Get out there and do what you want to do. Old saying, life is short, and for many way to short!! A good reminder!

    1. After getting friend’s email I thought this was a post I just wanted to write. So my list is out and I already have plans and a deadline before the end of November on one item.

  3. Well thank you for this post, I’m not going to let it be poignant for me. I will also get my bucket list and make a real effort to start living for today and whatever tomorrow brings it brings or maybe I should say “BRING IT ON” 🙂


    1. Yes, I always seem to need a reality check every so often. Let me know what you want to check off on your bucket list before the end of year and hopeful we can make it happen.

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