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Vacation – Western Newfoundland

Friend and I are back less than a week from an incredible vacation. We decided to take our vacation at home (well in Canada) since Canada is celebrating its 150 Birthday.  Parks Canada is handing out free passes to all their sites for 2017 so we decided to take advantage of that.

This was a driving vacation so we took a 6 hour ferry from North Sydney to Port aux Basque, Newfoundland.  We spent the next 8 days driving north to L’Anse aux Meadows and back.  Part of this vacation took us through Gros Morne National Park, we also saw icebergs, viking settlement, fiords and more.  So I want to share a piece of a beautiful part of the world.  Note that we often spent almost an hour or so driving and saw no other vehicle on the road.

Furthest north we went was L’Anse aux Meadows which is now a Park Canada site. It is the first and only Viking settlement in North America.  It is also where they think east (Native Americans) met west (Viking) for the first time.

After that we headed to St. Anthony’s for a cruise to see the icebergs.  They were beautiful.  We planned our trip for early July as often they are gone by the end of the month.  Below is a picture from the look-off in St. Anthony.

St. Anthony’s out at the lighthouse walk above.

Just in case you are a map person we took highway #430 through Gros Morne National Park right up to St. Anthony.  It is a coastal highway so incredible scenery.  The water is always in view.  Here are some places we drove through – the names alone are worth mentioning.  Savage Cove, Nameless Cove, Flower’s Cove, Deadmans Cove, Plum Point, Daniel’s Harbour and more!  The majority were houses dotted along the highway with fishing shacks next to the water side. A few coves had small convenient stores and a gas station every so often. When we were in St. Anthony we were told it is a great place to raise kids.  If you were a Walmart fan the nearest one was a five-hour drive.

Green Point in Gros Morne National Park.  Just a taste of some of the small coves we explored.  Below is Lobster Cove, also has a lighthouse.  When I walked down these stairs I was the only one on the beach with no one in sight.

We stayed in a variety of accommodations from motel, cottage to spacious apartment.  All no complaints.

We took a boat trip of Western Brook Pond.  On both side of the boat are these rocky cliffs. Yes they call it a Pond.  I was asked this question “are you married or happy?”  Hmmm…. how to respond?  Bonus I got to play the spoons and I have to say not too bad.

We stayed in Norris Point and this is from a walk we did.  You can take a passenger ferry over to Woody Point and save yourself an hour worth of driving.  Woody Point has some lovely artisan shops.  Also Woody Point Writers’ Workshop in August.

Next stop was the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park.  It is one of the areas on the earth where the mantle is exposed.  Yes, that white stuff is snow.

I can’t do justice to the scenery or the people.  I can just say go.  Ending with a few of my favorite shots.

You can always start now !



8 thoughts on “Vacation – Western Newfoundland

  1. This all looks amaaazing!
    We have one of those free park passes as well, but it is a little bewildering as Canada is just soooo massive, and there are so, so many possibly places to visit! It is really nice to see your photos of the other side of this beautiful country though. 😀

    1. Check to see if there are any Parks or Historic sights in your area. We have one downtown I plan to take in this year. They do a winter/Christmas at the fort.

      1. There are some…but they are a bit of a drive away. I am sure we’ll end up getting a car at some point this year, so we’ll make use of it at some point!!

    1. It was worth it. Helped we could drive from home – as you need a car. Did see some tour buses on the road also. Pictures (mine) do not do it justice.

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