Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ooooh, aaaah,

It is SOCS – for all the information head over to Linda G Hill.   We are celebrating this weekend as it is Canada Day July 1st and United States is celebrating July 4th!  The prompt for the weekend is ooooh, aaaah.   That being said here I go.

OOOOOH, I am excited.  Not just for Canada Day and a long weekend but I’m starting vacation as of tomorrow for two weeks!  Heading to Newfoundland – pictures to follow.   At the moment it is aaaaaah as I have a few things to finish at work.   I am cheating and typing this on Friday – sorry!!  Heading out tomorrow morning.  OOOOOH, not sure if this is a stream of consciousness or just me going on and on getting into vacation mode.

So Happy Canada Day and 4th of July everyone!  First long weekend of summer, school finished so enjoy yourselves.

You can always start now!



6 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ooooh, aaaah,

  1. Vacation mode is something worth going on and on about. Anticipation is part of the fun! Newfoundland has magical, mystical memories for me since I lived there at age 5 when my dad was stationed at the Argentia ? naval base. I’ll be looking forward to those photos!

    1. Sitting in apt in Norris Point. Heading to tablelands tomorrow. Did some posts on Instagram. Tripa has been magolical more to come. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Ooooh, I hope you’re already enjoying your vacation. For me, it’s a 4-day weekend, but since it’s in front of me, I’m happy.

    I hope you have great weather. I’m going to follow so I don’t miss those pictures.

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