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Writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words!!

I am challenging myself this month to participate in other bloggers’ creative prompts.  Over at Sacha Black she has a creative prompt happening for 52 weeks using just 52 words to tell your story. Check her out.  Below is my attempt for the week!

The black cape wasn’t the bad guy.  He didn’t inflict the suffering, he usually arrived to relieve it. It was just lately there was too much self-inflicted suffering.  Young people struggling with life that should be lived not taken.  Death wished the living would get their lives in order and find joy.

You can always start now !


5 thoughts on “Writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words!!

    1. As soon as I started reading everyone’s submissions I realized OMG I am on the wrong week. It ended Sunday but publish had been pressed. Tried to grab back from Sacha’s web site but no go. Easy to write a flurry of young people dying here by their own hand in last few weeks.

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