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A question you shouldn’t be asking at a special times

A friend and I were having lunch and catching up.  Her daughter, last month, had graduated from university.  Parents and grandparents attended the ceremony and everyone was happy and proud.  Pictures were lovely.

It was then that the conversation took a different turn. My friend said she was trying to not ask her daughter if she had heard anything, as currently she is waiting to hear if she is accepted into a program to further her education.  Social media is exploding with new jobs, getting into grad school or other programs or even traveling after graduation.  Let’s face it we don’t post “waiting to hear back on application.”

I admit I was lost over that part of the conversation. How is it that you can put in three-four hard years at university, maybe leaving home for the first time, meeting new people and being thrusted into new situations. Only to have that all be passed by with “what are you doing next?”

Okay, slow down.  New graduates here – can we not just let them enjoy their current accomplishment. Why do we feel we have to always be moving on to the next best thing at top speed? It is like where we currently are isn’t good enough – don’t stand here and be satisfied.  What is next?  Can we not just be present enough to enjoy this moment – four years of hard work. Congratulations. Right now it doesn’t matter what the next step is. Let us celebrate all the steps we took to get to this point.  Let us celebrate and savor this accomplishment fully, before putting pressure on to get to the next stage.

This isn’t just for someone graduating but all of us. Don’t ask what is next when someone is celebrating a big win.  Be present and celebrate that win. Don’t diminish anyones’ accomplishment with but…… or what is next.  Put those words aside for a while and just be present for this special time.

You can always start now !


8 thoughts on “A question you shouldn’t be asking at a special times

  1. Excellent post! I get asked every five minutes by family what my plans are for graduation……and I only started my first year of university a few months ago! What is even more annoying is that most of the time I have already told them my current plan. Of course I am still rather uncertain so it is bound to change when I draw nearer to the time haha, but it will not change from week to week! I do feel though that they often have run out of other things to talk about so they gravitate to that topic but still, can’t we just go back to discussing less stressful topics like the weather?

    1. Like I wrote in the post I was pretty “WHAT” when my friend was talking about it. Why can’t we enjoy the moment and there are tons of topics to talk about along with the weather. What about books? Travel? Dreams? Hobbies? Volunteering? Blogging? or for you “how are you enjoying university and what is the campus life like?” Enjoy where you are RIGHT NOW. It is a terrific time of your life and don’t you rush it or let other diminish this time! I’m jealous where you are at right now!! So many possibilities.

  2. Excellent point. I am 100% certain I’ve asked this question, or been asked this question and I appreciate that you’ve called attention to how it diminishes the moment. The moment is precious. Thank you.

  3. seems the same goes for many things in life,I agree slow down enjoy the moment and the moment after that and be proud of what you’ve done…the next thing will happen it always does.

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