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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Sign

I am trying to be more of “signs”.  Not stop signs but signs I am heading in the right direction.  This is not a strength of mine.  Putting it out to the universe and asking, well for anything.  I am enjoying this journey I am now on – blogging and writing more frequently and becoming involved in a vibrant community.

Recently I did a tarot card reading over at Traci York and picked a card I felt was a sign to put myself out there a little bit more. I did. The next week I picked another card and it (to me) confirmed I was heading in the right directions.

So signs can be everywhere. Just keep your eyes and heart open.

You can always start now !


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Sign

    1. I am a work in progress paying attention to signs and I agree if we follow our hearts life will fall into place. The alternative is wasted energy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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