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A different kind of monthly challenge – creative prompts

This is my sixth month of a different kind of monthly challenge. Half way through the year! Check the links at the end of the post for previous monthly challenges.

Last month I challenged myself to send 2-5 items of snail mail. I have a box of cards so I dug into that and had a good spread on my bed. I completed my challenge. I could have sent more snail mail as everyone enjoyed receiving their card/note.  I am going to keep it up and send random cards to friends and family throughout the year.

This month I’m going to challenge myself with creative prompts from other bloggers. To get full instructions head over to their blogs. You might have to search as my link is to the blog, not the post about the challenge later in the month (that hasn’t been posted yet!).

Check out Linda G Hill – life in progress under PROMPTS there are One-liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  I have been posting Stream of Consciousness Saturday for two weeks. Just a random word and write. Not editing just go for it.

Sacha Black is doing a weekly challenge “52 weeks in 52 words”.  She gives you a weekly writing inspiration and you only have 52 words to write your story/poem.  You might have to search the site using 52 weeks in 52 words to get the current week’s inspiration.

Over at Sue Vincent on Wednesdays she posts a photo prompt for Thursday.

My plan for June is to do all of the above prompts at least once during the month.  If you don’t have a blog, use the prompts to start a short story or journal entry. Even draw/paint it out in an Art Journal. Just get your juices flowing.

If you have any creative prompts we should be checking out please let me know in the comments.

Previous month challenges:

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You can always start now !


4 thoughts on “A different kind of monthly challenge – creative prompts

  1. I have been enjoying reading and following your monthly challenges, you are quite a busy lady – keep up the good work, one of these days I hope to join and complete some of these challenges.

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