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5 actions to start creating the life you want

The quote “life is a journey not a destination” has always felt right to me.  We know the final destination, so it is how we go about getting there that counts.  The following is my take on what we can do to create the life we want and make our journey count.

    1. Try new things.  For me this has ranged from belly dancing, zumba, yoga, pottery and improv class.  Some have stuck and other no. The thing is I would never have known I enjoy yoga if I hadn’t taken a class.  Belly dancing is not my thing – even though I had a blast at the class.  I have never regretted taking a class in something and have always come away with a new appreciation. Recently I went to the “Big Sing”. Where people come together and learn a song in an evening.  Check out events and classes in your area.
    2. Your health.  I’m not advocating you have to run a marathon and not eat cake here.  What I am saying is trying to keep yourself in shape to do the activities you want to do. If you want to hike when you retire – well keep hiking and moving now.
    3. Connections.  Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you.  Remember that works both ways.  We all need and should be cheerleaders.  Find your tribe that pushes you to try new things. I volunteered on a committee for a Christmas fundraiser and came away with a new friend who I now go to the theatre with.  Connections can be made in unlikely places.  Does your library have a book club? Coffee date anyone?
    4. Hobbies.  If you are trying new things has any of them stuck? For me one was yoga.  Hobbies get your face away from the screen and uses a different part of the brain.  I have friends who curl in the winter so that season takes on a whole new meaning. Not just ice and snow.  Knitting, drawing, writing, Pilates, pottery, blogging and travel. The list is endless. Hobbies have you working towards something. Looking for new patterns and ideas. Plus something to talk about besides the latest show on Netflix.
    5. Realizing you are okay right where you are now.  A journey has a starting point. No beating ourselves up because we didn’t start sooner.  We are starting now and creating memories.  Wherever we are in life it is fine and we are okay right now. This can be our starting point.

You can always start now !


8 thoughts on “5 actions to start creating the life you want

    1. I think for healthy living i.e. exercise to work it has to be incorporated into your life. The majority of people I think want instant results and start major projects then fall off the wagon. Instead of walking to the store and slowly putting better habits in place. My take! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I agree with this completely! Apart from the yoga part. I tried it, and sort of liked it, but I far prefer running or going for long pretty walks. I find it hard to get the motivation to go to yoga, even though I know I’ll probably like it when I get there.

    1. I am a walker myself. I do think the hard part is starting (motivation). I guess that is why I like a routine for somethings like exercise. During the winter I use a bike or treadmill and first think I do when I get home is go downstairs (exercise equipment) after changing. No sitting, eating, no nothing and it works. Thanks for stopping by. Love my Sundays and checking out all the blogs and happenings.

      1. You are so good in the evening! The first thing I have to do when I get home is feed my cat! He would be so mad if I tried to do something else before that!!

  2. This is such a great post. It makes you stop and think about what you want out of your life and make plans to get there. When you do this, it shows you what’s really important and what isn’t. 🙂

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