Finding traits I might want to be empowered with

A few weeks ago I started The Artist’s Way.  Fast recap of book “12 week course in discovering and recovering your creative self.”  I am plugging away on my morning pages (I find I am better on work days) and doing the exercises.

One exercise recently was to make a list of people you admire and people who are dead you would like to hang out with.  What traits do they have?  So I started my list of individuals I actually know (dead and alive) and others out there in the world.

The main trait in common for all the individuals were they are risk takers.  They were not settling for the status quo.  The majority of people I admired were not living traditional (9-5 lives).  They were/are following dreams (actress I know), starting businesses, creating and putting themselves out there.  They do not let society dictate what they should or should not be doing.  I noticed that over 1/2 of the names I wrote down were creatives.

The next exercise was what could I do to bring more of that trait into my life? Take a course? Plan a trip? Submit a story? It doesn’t have to be anything major. Go to the theatre. Art Gallery.  Just push your boundaries even a bit. Take a risk and see or do something new.

My plan is to write and submit a short story to a competition before the end of the year. Submit it knowing it isn’t perfect (and never will be) but it is finished. Submitting it will free me to start something new. Plus it puts a piece of me out into the world.  That is risk taking to me.

So write out a list of people you admire or would like to hang out with. You might find a few traits they have in common.  Is it a trait you are empowered with? What steps could you take to get a piece of it? Go for it.

You can always start now !


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    1. I will have to check out “The Vein of Gold”. It is familiar. Love the name of your blog and agree black isn’t for everyone! Thanks for stopping by

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