What is currently inspiring me

We get inspiration from all around us.  I think the more we explore and push our boundaries the more inspired we will become.  Exploring new things exposes us to new ideas or a different way of thinking.  Here are a few things that are currently inspiring me.

People creating I have always found inspiring.  There is something about listening to someone describe or do their passion that I find fascinating. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something I am interested in doing myself, but there is an energy that individuals give off that pulls me in.

I went to PodCamp (check out the post) last month and that got me thinking about YouTube as a platform.  These two bloggers/creatives as currently inspiring me with their podcasts.  Jen Carrington and Me and Orla interview other creatives in a relaxed, fun way that brings you right into their space.  It is encouraging to hear other creatives share their stories of what worked and what didn’t.  It has me thinking of interviews and possibilities of collaboration.

This past fall I finally started Instagram and a bullet journal.  I am enjoying them both.  I am capturing my year on Instagram #2017startingnow.  My bullet journal is keeping me on track (the majority of the time!). So when I found out that BoHo Berry was combining both Instagram and bullet journal in the month of March – well how inspiring is that!

There is so much out there to get our juices flowing. Just look around you and explore possibilities.  Get excited and inspired over new ideas or old ideas you want to revisit.  Please let me know what is currently inspiring you.

You can always start now !


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