#Loveuary Challenge


Ritu over at But I smile anyway is having a #Loveuary Challenge this month. She is celebrating love all month in all of it’s relationships.  So I’m taking up the challenge and here is my take on #Loveuary!

Ritu gave a great list of ideas to write about to celebrate love.  When I was reading through the list I thought “that is the one” that resonates with me.  It was “finding you”.   My take is self-love or compassion toward myself.  Not feeling good enough has always been a struggle for me (and for many of us I realise).  I recently read “It is just my job to create and share. Not to judge. The market will take care of that.”  We can easily take this and change it to “It is just my job to be me, to hold myself to my sense of integrity.  Others will judge me whether they know me or not.”

All we have to do is be our best selves.  Some days will be easier than others and that is okay. We are on a journey and that journey includes loving ourselves. All of our strengths and faults. We are terrific packages and it is not our job to judge only to love.  The world will take care of the rest.  Let’s start with more love in #Loveuary.

You can always start now !

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