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Claiming what is yours – no excuses

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Continuing from last week’s post on thinking like a designer, I thought where and what can I shake up or build on. Or better yet build differently. One prototype I am working on is becoming a better writer. That actually took a lot to just add the word “better” in that sentence, but that is part of my design process.

At what point can we call ourselves a writer, painter, potter or anything which is a creative endeavour? Do we have to be published, sold a piece of art or have speaking engagements to be able to put say “I am a……..”.  I say no. We don’t have to be earning an income from something we enjoy to call ourselves anything! If you have journals of poems you have written you are a poet. Period. Full stop. I am a blogger and a writer (fiction). If it takes me years to get published, that doesn’t take away that I am a writer right now.

I say this year we start calling it as it is. I am…. We are….. No excuses or explanations.  Do not say when this or that happens I will be….. If you are doing it now in any capacity you are.  Our current design prototype is to shake ourselves up, take a big breath and call it as it is.  As designers or creatives (you choose the word) we are moving forward and the first step is claiming what is ours. I am a blogger and writer.  Failure is a learning experience and all part of the bigger picture of getting more out of life.  We can so do this!

You can always start now!


19 thoughts on “Claiming what is yours – no excuses

  1. Excellent point! I know it took me many years to call myself a writer (and even more to say blogger), even though other people referred to me as such. It’s such an easy mindset to get locked into, that you’re not A until XYZ have happened. Kudos to you for breaking free, and best of luck with the work on your prototype, dear writing and blogging friend! 🙂

    1. It is easy to let society/people tell us what we are or who they think we should be. Sometimes it feels easier to stay in the shadows but that is not where growth happens. Thank you for being part of my journey fellow writer and blogger! Such an incredible community.

  2. I’m so glad you’re sending this message and owning it yourself. I’ve felt that cringe, too: Can I call myself an author if my book isn’t published…may never be published? I decided I can, and I do. Not worrying whether others will think me “legit” has been a big part of that claiming process. Being a writer isn’t a suit a wear, or a title I earn, it’s who I am–and I don’t need anyone’s permission to be me but my own. I think your post is a wonderful call to action, and a reminder for all creatives to go-be-do and not worry about the rest.

    1. Thank you. I felt the same way if I’m not published am I really a writer. Yes. I recently heard it just our job to create. That the market will judge us (that is NOT our job). Love your being a writer isn’t a suite to wear but who I am.

    1. That drives me crazy when the first question someone asks you is what do you do for a living. I often think we are put into boxes by our answers and already judged as maybe not good enough. What about asking people what do you dream about? Hobbies?

  3. I love this, so motivating! I often think I’m not ‘worthy’ to call myself a blogger because I haven’t achieve X, Y, or Z. I’ll definitely claim the title now!

    1. It is hard for me also but I am determined to own it. I am a blogger and a writer. Period. You are too. We own this and we don’t have to explain X, Y or Z. Society and the market will do that for us.

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