Book Club – Designing Your Life !

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

If you have been following me you know I like a good self-help book.  I am somewhat of a “homework” junkie.  So when I came across this book the title alone grabbed me, as I feel I am on a journey to create a joyful life.

The authors show us how to build a well-lived life by thinking like a designer. Designers  build and move forward using prototypes.  They look at their “failures” as learning opportunities and what they can change and take forward.  A sample of a designers mind-set is:

  1. Curiosity – invites exploration.
  2. Try stuff – designers try things and test things out.  They create prototypes until they find out what works.  Designers embrace change and are not attached to a particular outcome because they are curious about what will happen next.
  3. Reframing – is how designers (us!) get unstuck. Reframing is a change in perspective, to step back and examine biases and move forward.
  4. Ask for help – radical collaboration.  Design is a collaborative process and we are not alone. The book will show us how to get mentors, advisors and a supportive community to help design the life we are building.

What I liked about the book is right off they authors said “you don’t have to know your passion to design a life you love.  Most people are passionate about many different things….”   I think we often get caught up in “finding our passion” and don’t move forward building the life we want as we are often waiting for that ball to drop.

A few other areas that are explored are brainstorming, creating a workview (why work? what for? money? what defines good or worthwhile work? and a lifeview (why are we here? purpose? where do family/country/world fit in? what is the role of joy/sorrow/justice/love in life? Also creating a supportive community.

You are given exercises so get the pen and paper out.  Their web site is: http://designingyour.life/

I came away realizing I am on the right path. I just have to continue to build the life I want and embrace putting myself out there regardless of outcomes. As it is all good if I take away a learning experience and move forward.

You can always start now !


2 thoughts on “Book Club – Designing Your Life !

    1. I like the idea of thinking like a designer and developing prototypes – treating failures in a positive light. Showing us what we have to adjust and giving us learning opportunities. Can you imagine rethinking failures as a good thing? Something that moves us along in our journey and not getting caught up in them or letting them define us! WOW. Glad you stopped by!

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