Embracing shorter days


The clocks have been turned back and the days are getting shorter and shorter.   I was leaving for work in the dark and now I am barely getting home before dusk.  Turning lights on as soon as I come through the door.

People are starting to complain about the weather, lack of daylight and what is to come.  Short days, cold and damp weather.  November is upon us.  If you live anywhere that has four seasons (I have three as spring not so much) and you want to be happy more of the time than start to embrace November and what it comes after.

Embrace November and the cooler days and the crunch of leaves under foot.  Fall is one of the best times for hiking or even walking around your city as no humidity and all that is required is to put on a slightly warmer jacket. Starting in November I no longer feel I have to be outside enjoying the good weather and running around.  I can curl up with a good book, get my crafts out and plan my winter projects.


What house projects or projects period have you put off all spring and summer as you wanted to take advantage of the weather. Go to the cottage, beach and vacation.  If you are a crafter start checking Pinterest, or no doubt you already have a few boards full of ideas. Well now is the month to start picking up supplies and trying them out.

Think of November as the month you start making plans for the holidays and winter in general.  Head to a coffee shop with phone or paper and pen and enjoy a latte and make that November to do list.  Check out your local library, city recreation, community college, museum or art gallery.  With the shorter days embrace new activities that don’t rely on sunshine and being light at 9 pm.

Think of November as the start of a new social calendar. Getting together with friends for supper, theatre, crafts or hiking.  Lighting candles and being home curled up and enjoying shows you missed during the summer months.

Embrace what November (and winter in general) has to offer.  Different outdoor activities (skiing, skating, curling).  If that doesn’t rock your boat tackle those books you have on your reading list or crafts you put away.

Life is to be lived and that means all seasons and all months.  Don’t get caught up in everyone else complaining and wishing their life away.  Embrace every month as it does have something to offer – you just have to explore and make it happen.

You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “Embracing shorter days

  1. Love this Amelia! This is what my mom always says too- to embrace all seasons. Winter is a hard one for me (and many others) but I also think- last winter I discovered downton abbey and my mom and I binge watched that.. I skied a little, and I loveeee christmas. My grandma always said to not wish your life away, either. I don’t like how I get tired sooner since it is darker out sooner, but I am a complete introvert and love to be cozy and cuddled up so I am definitely down for embracing that side of it!

    1. I am an introvert also so enjoy being home to putter. I find I do different things in the winter so it is a chance to catch up i.e. cross stitch I didn’t do all summer! Plus November is National Novel Writing Month. Yes to curling up with a good book or TV show. Enjoy the season and make sure you start celebrating Christmas for the whole month of December I am!!

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