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Angel Card – Responsibility


My weekly Angel Card pick this week was responsibility.  My take on responsibility is that our actions and words can often reflect how people see us.  So it is our responsibility to make sure our words and deeds reflect who we are.  We all know our responsibilities at work, family, community and ourselves.  We are responsible for our own well-being.   To me being responsible means stepping up to the plate and being accountable.  I think if we allow our responsibilities to falter and disappointment not only ourselves but others we will pay the price.  We will become that individual people cannot count on.

To avoid this we should be clear with what we can and cannot do for people.  Telling someone yes and not following through is more devastating than just saying no at the start.   It is our responsibility to let people know where we stand and what we can do.  We can’t do it all and that is okay, but we are responsible for following through even if it is so say not at this time.

So let’s look at our current responsibilities.  Are we faltering on any?  Are we just going through the motions with some that are no longer relevant?  Can we delegate?  Say no?   I want to be an individual people can count on – that means being responsible for my words and actions.  Becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities is not doing me or others any good.   Let us check our words and deeds and make sure they reflect who we are.   We are responsible for that!

 Let me know what responsibility means to you.

You can always start now!

16 thoughts on “Angel Card – Responsibility

  1. I see responsibility through the lens of the word itself: Response Able. My reactions to a situation may be driven by emotion or instinct, but my response is how I take in the full context of what I am experiencing. Then, I can act instead of react. I’m present and aware of what I am doing and why. It’s the difference between doing things on auto-pilot and doing them from a place of choice. As you mention in your post, it’s more important to say a clear no, than a half-hearted and unwilling yes. When I’m response able, I’m paying attention to more than just what someone is asking of me, the social pressures to be a “good” friend, daughter, partner, and really considering if saying yes is something I can do with my whole heart. When I’m able to do that, I’m at my most joyful and most authentic. I don’t achieve it all the time, but I do practice!

    1. Response Able. Yes to taking in the full context before making a decision/action. Like you being authentic is important to me along with doing my best in any situation. Auto-pilot is not the way to go and definitely not how to go about doing anything in a joyful and authentic way. You have me thinking now about “response able”. Thank you and so glad you commented and gave me something to think about.

  2. Responsibility is a big part of life. We’re responsible to our kids, our spouses, and our employers. We are also responsible in our relationships for our words and actions so we must be careful. Great post. Thanks for sharing with all of us. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting. I think at times we don’t realize how powerful our words and actions are. Every time I hear about someone committing suicide I think what words/actions did they take in? How do people process what is being said to them? So I agree take responsibility for our words and actions as they can be powerful.

      1. Yes. I hear what you’re saying about suicide. It’s so sad. Did you read “Thirteen Reasons Why?” It shows how someone can be broken down to where they think suicide is their only option. It’s a good illustration that kindness really does matter.

        1. No, I haven’t read “Thirteen Reasons Why”. I supported a crisis team years ago and learnt a lot from them. Yes to kindness and just letting people know they are not alone. Will check that book out. I get so sad when I think someone is at the point where that is their only option left – they are that tired of fighting. That is a big thing for me and I mentioned it in a post 10 life lessons – where if I make eye contact with ANYONE I smile or acknowledge them because I want them to know someone sees them – that they are not invisible. Well this has been a heavy comment! Off to start Monday’s post on recent vacation – so total fluff. You take care.

  3. It’s very important to take responsibility for our actions and to be clear about what we can and cannot do. Love me some Angel/Oracle and Tarot cards! So much wisdom at our finger tips! 🙂

    1. I purchased the cards years ago with good intentions. I am so glad I decided to do the series as it was worthwhile for me and got me into a different head space at time. Much needed.

  4. Responsibility is all around me. When I see my kids I know I am responsible for them. My class – same reaction. My cat – he’s our responsibility too…

    1. I read your blog and know how responsible you are with teaching, family and people (myself included with Big up your blog). You are so supportive and I think that is part of responsibility being there for people – which you are. Thank you.

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