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Angel Card – Peace


Peace – my Angel Card for the week.   My first thought was calmness.   You know when you have that sense that things are okay and you are in a good place.   I also feel to be at peace means I am okay with what is happening around me.  If I am living more mindfully then I should be more at peace.  My reasoning behind this is I am not living in the past or worrying about the future (what ifs).   Living mindfully should bring me more peace as I am working at not jumping to conclusions about what if this or that happens.  I should be dealing with issues as they come up and not projecting catastrophes into the future.

Can you imagine if we lived the majority of our days at peace?  Would our blood pressure be lower?  Would we enjoy our food more?  Our relationships?  Not take things for granted?  I want to cultivate peace in myself, community and worldwide.  Everyone should be working towards a greater good and a calmer attitude.  We have to start with ourselves to come to a place of peace.  Once there we should be able to deal with things in a more positive way and that alone should bring peace to others.  If we can work out from there, creating ripples of peace, that would be the start of something big!

You can always start now!

15 thoughts on “Angel Card – Peace

  1. I recently read somewhere that stress was worse for your health than smoking. I’ve never been a smoker and joked with my brother (who is) that all this time I’d been getting on his case about smoking and he should have been on mine about stressing! I’ve been living a mindful life for the past few years and I can’t believe the difference it’s made in my life. From finally being able to carry a full term pregnancy to having peace of mind and just enjoying all of the things I was missing out on in life. It doesn’t mean I never get stressed but I’m more aware of how to deal with it instead of living a stressful life 24/7. Wonderful post <3

    1. Congratulations on a full term pregnancy. I’m not a nurse but work in a hospital with an Neonatal Intensive Care so know how precious weeks are when carrying. Mindful does make such a big difference. For me it keeps me grounded and not go from zero to 200 (which I still do but not as much!!). We only have today so I am trying to create the life I want and have joy and peace doing it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Well said, mindfulness is indeed the spirit of the child lost during growing up. Its a subject I did a course in to help myself last year too. They call the procrastinating mind that worries about the future and catastrophizes about the past a default mind in those afflicted with low mood. It appears slowly like a habit creeping up and before we know it is settled in and fights to remain leading the charge to do so with that procrastination thing.

    Good post and always a timely reminder that putting things off is just avoiding doing them. Mindful is tackling them and living in the moment and the best way to inner peace there is.

    1. That makes sense procrastinating mind and default mind. What do they also say negativity breeds negativity? I definitely see that in action. I think negative thinking can become a habit. I am working on being more present and not letting my mind race to what ifs. I will deal with it when and if it actually happens. Thanks for your insight.

      1. IMO, the default mind chemistry is very similar to the processes involved in creating addiction. Starts low level and suddenly it’s there and you have no idea how or when it happened. In low mood it cuts off executive brain function making choices and decisions difficult to assert. In worse case scenarios it starts to feel like the mind is deep inside the concious and the world outside is distant and far away. Trying to combat that having realised its wrong is hard and takes effort until a new habit is restored and the executive brain reasserts itself.

        It’s often difficult to accept the core problem is, as you said, the negative recycling is acting like a habit. That’s why it’s so difficult to correct and at every opportunity it will tell you it’s a waste of time, stay in my comfort zone, don’t bother… Horrible place that is. But fabulous to see you are working hard on being in the present. Keep telling your mind to slow down and not let it wander. The executive function will drive that away as the new habit forms and in time it will be a way better place to be! (Note to self, take own advice!!)

        1. You can see how people get into a cycle and spiral down. I like where I am and where I am heading and have to say blogging has helped as it keeps me focused, enjoy and feel part of a supportive/creative/encouraging community (thank you for being part of that!). So yes to slowing down and taking a breathe and not jumping to worst case scenario. You should think about doing a blog post on this. Long weekend here Natal Day tomorrow so have a lovely Sunday.

  3. “I should be dealing with issues as they come up and not projecting catastrophes into the future.” This really resonates with me. So many of us are guilty of doing this, isn’t it? We make huge mountains out of molehills, and even out of thin air, giving ourselves sleepless nights and a whole lot of stress for nothing. So much better to be here, now. In the present moment. Deal with this as they arise, when they arise.

    What cards did you use, btw?

    1. I am a work in progress over not projecting to worse case scenario. Getting better as being more mindful, but yes to sleepless nights and stress. Someone said to me once 99% of the time what you are worrying about it NOT going to happen or at least to that degree. I bought my Angel Cards decades ago with good intentions and it wasn’t until I started blogging that I pulled them out and thought yes I need these now. Looking at them now and no idea what cards they are. They are 5 1/2 cm x 2 cm nothing written on back. Thanks for commenting and I’ll see you Sunday at Big Up Your Blog!!

  4. This line is packed with meaning: “I should be dealing with issues as they come up and not projecting catastrophes into the future.” I used to think if I just worried enough about the future, the things I worried about wouldn’t happen. I even made the odd leap to think that it was the worrying itself that prevented the issue! But, as I’ve aged (grown) I realize those things I worried about weren’t going to happen in the first place. By searching for control of the future through worrying about it–sending endless possible scenarios through my mind– I lost sight of the one thing I actually could control: My trust in myself to deal with whatever comes my way.
    Trust and grace are critical in living in the present moment. Once I began paying attention to my actions and thoughts during “crises” situations, I realized I handled them well. And when I didn’t I recognized opportunities for things I could do differently to bolster my trust in myself and my ability to handle rough patches. So, your angel card has a lot to say for me, too!
    Thank you for the reminder!

    1. One of my biggest ahha about worrying and projecting into the future “what if…” was that I wasn’t enjoying and living today. Yes to having faith in ourselves that we can handle what comes up when it comes up. It is about growth and trusting ourselves. Thanks for commenting it means a lot.

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