Angel Card – Transformation


My weekly Angel Card has led me to transformation.   I mean both the Angel Card and creating the life I want.  Some days it is a constant struggle to keep it together – you know the days when you feel fragile and just breathing is about all you can manage.  Transformation for me is a slow process.  I am someone who has always had to weigh the pros and cons of decisions.  I am getting better at making snap decisions and listening to my gut more (thank you Wanda).

So thinking about what transformation means me, leads me to thinking about growth.  That might be a leap but I’m thinking of transformation in growing into my full potential.  Finally tapping into my potential or maybe just finally realising it.  Transforming into the person I want to be (or am working on).   My dictionary definition for transformation is change shape, character of.   So what will my transformation look like?  I have my personal mission statement so that is a place to start.  Shaping or transforming my character/life into more of who I want to be.  Maybe more compassionate.  More outrageous.  More focused.  I am thinking of transformation as shedding of out-dated ideas and opinions.  Shaking off doubts of self-worth, grabbing opportunities when I see them.  Peeling away and revealing more of my authentic self.

I would love to hear what transformation means to you and/or how you are transforming!.  Share in the comments.

You can always start now!

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