Angel Cards

Angel Card – Light


I am getting to the end of my weekly Angel Cards.  For approximately 28 weeks I have been drawing an Angel Card weekly and writing what that word means to me.  I have been trying not to over think the word but go with my gut reaction to it.  This week the Angel Card is light.  It was funny when I pulled it out I thought yes that is how I feel coming to the end.  I have enjoyed writing down my thoughts and practising them but I am ready to start something new – hence my reaction to the word light.

Light currently means to me finishing a project.  In this context of coming to the end of writing my Angel Cards means lightening my load or commitment I made.  As much as I have enjoyed it I am ready for something new – as I hope you are also.  I feel lighter knowing I have almost completed what I started.  What a feeling to complete a project and look back at your body of work.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You know you have accomplished something.  The light for me is shifting this project off my shoulders, enjoying the feeling of a job completed, before moving onto something new.

What does the word light means to you?  As we go through life I think various words resonate differently at different stages.  This is my stage.  So whatever light means to you I hope it brings you forward into the next stage and of course lights the way.

You can always start now !



Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!