Angel Cards

Angel Card – Joy


I am into the eight month of my weekly draw of Angel Cards.  It is getting pretty empty in my pretty flowered pot.  This week my Angel Card was joy.  There is a lot being written about joy and that makes sense.  As who doesn’t want joy in their lives?  Bringing joy into your life doesn’t seem as daunting as bringing adventure, love, enthusiasm or acceleration.  Joy seems doable.

I think we can bring joy into your lives with simple pleasures.  It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. It can be sitting in a coffee shop with a good cup of coffee and a treat just looking around you.  Reading or watching the next episode in a series you are enjoying.  Having dinner with a friend.  Realizing you have a whole afternoon free or just waking up and knowing you are okay just the way you are.  Joy is doable.

Maybe to start bringing more joy into our lives we have to start appreciating the simple things around us. Not take things for granted.  There are places in the world where sitting in a coffee shop is not an option nor is having hundreds (at least) of shows to watch. We have to look around us and appreciate what we have now.  I know we can think things, people and events that bring us joy – it is just to start recognizing them and letting the feeling happen.  Not rushing off to the next thing or having unrealistic expectations.

Appreciate what we have and start creating joy by enjoying simple pleasures.  Stop, feel, smile and let joy in.  Joy is for everyday and really……that is the only time we have.

You can always start now !


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!