Angel Card – Harmony


The Angel Card for the week is Harmony.  When I think of harmony music automatically comes to mind.  Different instruments and/or voices coming together to create something special.  You don’t have to be musically inclined to know when something sounds off.  The wrong key was played or the voice not in the correct range.  We enjoy music because of the harmony – the coming together and complementing sounds of voices and/or instruments.  It sounds pleasing and often makes us happy.

So what about thinking of harmony in our day-to-day lives.   Do we feel happy?  Content?  Frustrated? Or angry?  If harmony is the coming together to create something pleasing than how can we apply that to our lives?  Are we getting enough sleep?  Eating right? Exercising? Getting outside for some vitamin D?  Are we feeding our souls along with our body?  If we can hear when there is a lack of harmony in music are we listening to the potential lack of harmony within ourselves?

Can we become more mindful and present to hear and acknowledge what is happening in our bodies, mind and spirit.  Is there a lack of harmony?  We have to start acknowledging now if we are not happy and/or on the right path.  Harmony is not something we should make time for in the future – it should be something we have now or are at least working towards!  We shouldn’t feel “out of tune” all the time.

What small steps can we take now to create harmony in our lives?  Making lunch in the evening so our morning is not as chaotic? Going for a walk after supper?  Finally reading that book you bought over a year ago.  Acknowledging you don’t have to do everything perfect.  Letting go.  We are the only ones that can change how we feel and it has to start now.  Let’s create harmony in our lives – you will know what it feels like when you take a breath and think this is exactly where I want to be and smile.

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!

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