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Monthly challenge – mason jar

This month our craft challenge was to use a mason jar.  Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, and I have been challenging ourselves monthly for the past year to be creative!  Over at Yesterday on Tuesday I saw this sweet pineapple mason jar and knew what I wanted to tackle.

pineapple jar

I used craft paint I had at home which took about 4 coats to cover the glass jar.  For the V I used a Sharpie and it was too easy.  Yesterday on Tuesday used Plutonium spray paint which I think is the way to go.  Check out her site as she has sweet pineapple tags.


Wanda wanted a soap container for her bathroom.  She drilled a hole in the top of the jar and inserted a soap dispenser she already had.  Her words “too easy”.  I had never thought to keep those soap dispensers and reuse.  Check her out for all the details A Wandafulthing.

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Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!