5 questions to ask yourself to help becoming you


I have put together five questions to ask ourselves that I think might help us become more authentic.
Being us!!

1.   How do I re-energize?   It is the end of a busy week.  Whether you work for yourself or someone else we all get to a point when we have had enough.  At this point you know you have to recharge your batteries. What do you do?  I think it is important that we recognize what we need to do before we burnout.  For some (me) I need to shut down.  So Sunday afternoon I book myself at home to read, putter, craft and just be.  For others they recharge heading out with friends.  Conversation and people around them energize them.  There is no either or, there is just recognizing what you have to do to recharge becoming you.

2.   What is my style?  I don’t mean does it fit?  Is it good quality?  Do I look okay in it?  None of these   apply.  I want to put a piece of clothing on and feel good about it – that it expresses who I am.  Perky?  Casual?  Sophisticated?  I want my clothes and accessories to express something about me.  So what is your style?  What do you want to express/show?

3.   What am I doing or not doing to move myself forward?  If life is a journey we are all moving forward and hopefully learning/growing along the way.  Are you doing anything that is holding you back?  Suffocating you?  Or maybe you are just not participating in your growth.  We can get stuck.  Too busy at work.  Too tired.  Too over committed.  For me I feel better when I have a project. I am working towards accomplishing something. I try to put into practice what I am learning (meditation/breathing).  Is there something you want to try?  Or maybe it is the opposite – you have committed to something that is dragging you down. Consider if this is moving you away or towards becoming who you want to be (your authentic self).

4.   What is my touchstone?  I think we need a touchstone or mantra to get back to a balanced place. When we feel ourselves spinning out of control there should be something we can grab hold of to pull us back.  You know what I mean – you start to spiral down to that dark place where negativity breeds negativity.  We need a touchstone to stop that spiral.  It can be a phrase “this too will pass” or just concentrating on your breath.  Something to break the cycle sooner than later.  What is your touchstone?

5.   How am I adding to my community?  We get to define what our community is. Local or global.  We get to define how, when and where we contribute.  If you have children, aging parents, a busy job then realize you can’t do it all.  Maybe adding to your community right now is helping with fundraisers at your children’s school.  Buying Girl Guide cookies from your friend at work.  Sponsoring a child overseas (writing that monthly cheque).  At different stages of our lives we have different commitments.  My thing is we have to realize we are all in this together.  Be a good neighbour, hold the door open, smile when you make eye contact, listen to understand.  Do what you can for your community.  Realizing that every positive action/step is worth it no matter how small you might think it is.

I would love to hear from you.  If you have other questions we should be asking ourselves please share.

You Can Always Start Now !



  1. These are all great questions! I have been working on finding some of my own mantras to help me in my daily life. I have always struggled with being a perfectionist and I have found that the mantra “I am enough” has really helped to decrease some of my struggles and anxiety surrounding that need to be perfect all of the time. Great post! 🙂

    Brooke | http://www.beautydecorandmore.com

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