Angel Cards

Angel Card – Adventure


This week I drew the Angel Card adventure out.   hmmm…….summer is wrapping up and I am hoping you have all had some adventures over the past few months.   Trying something new, going somewhere different, creating and exploring a difference medium.  To have an adventure doesn’t mean you have to risk your life, but it might mean pushing your boundaries.   You can have an adventure right at home by exploring a neighbourhood  you have never been to, checking out those off the beating track shops or just taking a class (photography, pottery) in whatever catches your fancy.

Adventures can push our boundaries to explore and/or do something we might not have thought possible.   Is there something that gets your pulse racing?  Something you have always thought about but never considered possible?  Can you break down the adventure into more manageable bits?  Say you have always dreamed about being on the stage.  You could look at community theatre or improv classes.

The dictionary states adventure as risk, bold exploit, remarkable happening and enterprise.  We have less than a month of summer left.  More than enough time to have a bold exploit or remarkable happening.  Look around you and get ready to push your boundaries.  Let’s try and have at least one adventure a season starting now.

I would love to hear what you are up to.   What adventures have you had this summer or planning to have before fall?



Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!