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Monthly Craft Challenge – terracotta pot !

If you are just tuning in Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, and I are doing a monthly craft challenge.  This month it was a terracotta pot.  I am trying to use what I already have available in my craft challenges (if I can).  I had the pot and the yarn so went to work.


I decided to use pink yarn as I am trying to incorporate pink into my color theme in my bedroom.  See last month for my fabric craft!  The plant I needed to transplant so it was a win-win!

Wanda crafted a beautiful distressed candle holder using craft paint and glue.  Head over to A Wandafulthing to get the hole scoop.  I love the white with the terracotta peeping through.

wanda pot

Check out our other monthly challenges below.  Next month we are using a Mason Jar.  Your imagination is your only limited.  We would love for you to join us.

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Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!