What caught my eye – favorites for the past month

I can’t believe we are starting another month!  Summer is flying by for me.  It is hard to sit still when the weather is nice and I want to take advantage of being outside.  Here are a few things that caught my eye in the past month.

One of my favorite things to do when I was little was play with buttons.  My mother was a sewer extraordinary and she had large cans of buttons from various projects.  I used to love it when she would pull them out and start her search for a set buttons for her latest project.  I would pull out my favorite buttons and create families with them, they would go on adventures all over the kitchen table.  So buttons have always been a favorite for me.

I found on Pinterest 25 button projects over at DYI to try.  She has a variety of projects for kids to home decor below is just a taste!


What has caught my eye in the past month has been projects I am interested in checking out.  Using sharpies for crafts has always appealed to me and over at Yes Missy  she gives us 25 neat ideas to try.  I thought the chair was cool and totally unexpected.


Since I am on a craft roll and you must be thinking what has she been doing all month but making her list of “to do” projects! Check out Wonderforest as she does a video (not really time/sped up) on painting palm leaves. If you more creative than me this would look great in any space.

Over at I Heart Organizing I came across this brilliant idea for outdoor storage. What! a laundry basket.  Too cool.


I am all about a good read.  This individual found me so I was happy to pop over to her site for a visit.  The Story Files is a blog  about writing a short story every day.  An incredible deed. The stories are listed by category and even word count.

I saw this dining room on Sugar and Cloth.  I love the rug and how light and airy the room looks.


Well these were my favorites for the past month.  I would love to know what caught your eye.  I am always looking for new sits and ideas!  Happy exploring!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!