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Angel Card – Faith


Hmm……another word I have a struggle with.  If you have been following along for the past few months I have been pulling out an Angel Card weekly and blogging about what that word means to me.  The word faith is not the struggle it is the action.

I can jump from zero to two-hundred in seconds – always to worst case scenario.  I struggle to have faith that everything will be okay or turn out the way it was meant to.  To have faith that I can handle the situation no matter what the outcome.  When I read those quotes about what will be will be or whatever, I think oh yeah give me a piece of that.

I know there are things out of my control.  All I want to is have the faith that no matter what comes my way I know I will have the strength to find a way to work through it or deal with it.  Not to constantly jump from zero to two-hundred and stress about what I can’t control or worry about things that might never happen.  I know this will be a lifelong journey.  I am working on having faith in myself that I can handle what life throws at me.

What does faith mean to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “Angel Card – Faith

  1. Faith. Such a double-edged word. Some people say they have faith, but really mean they have a dogmatic religion that is not inclusive. I do not have faith in religion. I have faith in laughter. Sounds silly but I feel that if I can find the humor in a situation, then I can carry on. But that theory has not been tested by war or strife or other horrific things that I see other people going through. It has been tested through divorce, the death of two siblings and the closing of the company I worked for. I can still laugh.

    1. I think you have been tested with some major life situations. Faith should come from within not outside ie religion. Laughter, seeing the positive in people yes I have faith in that also. Seriously what does negativity, angry solve. Thanks for stopping by ans commenting

  2. Well, being a George Michael fan, I instantly think of the song ha. But he does have a point. I seem to be lacking it terribly at the moment, so I really should heed his advice. And your words too!

    1. Having faith is part of my journey and not something that comes easy to me. I think of it as part of my learning to create the life I want. Constant work but worth it

  3. Good luck with having faith in yourself. It’s easier said than done but recognising the problem is the first step. I think my faith is in the good people of the world and that they will triumph over the bad.

    1. Yes to recognizing any problem and then working on it. I enjoyed doing the Angel Cards as it got me thinking about issues and things I have to work on. We will triumph (good people) as long as we keep up the good fight.

  4. Something for me to think about as I was of the minset you either have faith or you don’t – I do but now I see that some people struggle with it depending on the situation/ thanks for sharing your perspective.

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