Angel Cards

Angel Card – Trust

For the past few months I have been pulling out an Angel Card weekly and blogging about what that word means to me.  This week the Angel Card was trust.   For some reason I find this a hard word to describe what it  means to me.  I grew up in a home where what went on at home stayed at home.  I know this isn’t actually what trust is but it is how the word resonates with me.

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I think of trust as putting myself out there and sharing a fragile piece of me.  To have trust in someone I have to feel safe and know they won’t judge me on what I am about to say.  I feel this is major as so many people want to offer opinions, tell their story and often make me/us feel unheard or worse ashamed.  Creating a safe environment for people is the first step.  Another is knowing when you just have to listen and not offer advice, opinions or what you would do.

If we look at our relationships how many individuals do we truly trust? People we would tell our scariest thoughts to knowing we would feel safe in sharing, not judge and it would go no farther.  I imagine it is less than we think.  We want people to see us a certain way and I think often present ourselves the way we want to be seen. Not sharing our deepest emotions or thoughts in case we are judged unworthy.

So what can we do to create an environment of trust? Not gossiping, back-biting and when people does open themselves up to us to actively listen, not judge and see what that individual needs (maybe just someone to listen).  We have to start with trusting ourselves to do the right thing.  For me that starts with opening up and trusting other people to do the right thing.

You can always start now!



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