Angel card – Grace

I am trying not to think, or I should say over think, my Angel Card when I pull it out.   This week it was the Angel Card Grace.  I had an immediate reaction to what the word meant to me.  After capturing my thought, I decided to do something different and checked out the Thesaurus.


Well, here the list – note that for every word there was a list of words below it.  The words are:  elegance, kindness, blessing, adorn and dignify.  I am okay with all these words and agree the word grace could easily be interchanged with anyone of them.  My initial reaction to the word fell under kindness.  I thought about having the grace to let things go.  To deciding what is worth challenging and what is worth letting go.  Example: you receive an email that sets you off but in the long run makes no difference as you have no control over the outcome if you respond or not. Responding could just set someone else off.  So I want the grace to let it go realising it doesn’t define me or the other person.  Press delete.

I can also see grace as dignity.  Knowing you are enough and having a calmness about you that can diffuse a situation.  Being that person that doesn’t get ruffled easily, that takes in a situation and allows all parties their say in a respectful manner.  Not getting caught up in she said, he said.

Grace is something we can all work at – allowing others to shine, showing kindness and being dignified.  Not being that person who snaps but the person people look to for reassurance.   We can actively work at being that person.   Calm, respectful and dignified or in just one word grace.

You Can Always Start Now!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. At times it has been a challenge to express how I felt about a word. Some Angel Cards brought out more deeper feelings than others.

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