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Angel Card – Forgiveness

This week I pulled out the Angel Card – forgiveness.   My first thought was forgiveness should have been the first card I pulled out.  My reasoning behind this is, if we can’t forgive then there is a chance that no further growth will take place.


If we have no forgiveness for our mistakes, slights and/or hurts from others, we can get caught up in a bitter mind-set of blaming and being victims.  I can’t see growth happening when we feel the world is against us and we have no forgiveness of real or imagined injuries.

If we have no forgiveness it would be hard to appreciate gratitude, abundance, truth and understanding (Angel Cards I have written). We are caught up in the past. That feeling of blame and hurt is not servicing us. It is often pushing us further down. Eating into us and not letting us see there is more out there than past hurts.

I am not saying forgiveness isn’t hard and maybe it was a horrendous experience but you are letting that experience/person keep you down by replaying the past.  Give yourself peace by forgiveness.  Recognise that some things can’t be changed and you are more than your past. Forgive and move forward.  You might not be able to tell someone how hurt you were but you can work at letting that hurt go and not be defined by it.

Once we forgive, starting with ourselves, I think other doors will open. More light will shine in illuminating possibilities. We can take a breath and move forward in our journey.  We are not victims and forgiveness can be the first step.

You can always start now!


9 thoughts on “Angel Card – Forgiveness

    1. So true the festering – just eats at you. I think we miss so many good moments when we fester away. Yes to moving forward in a positive forgiving way. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  1. I have a few family members that I try so hard to teach them to forgive and they just can’t let go of the grudge. Letting go in their eyes is admitting weakness or letting the other person “win”. Not forgiving rips families apart.

    1. I don’t think people get how hard they are making their lives (plus negative) when holding on to grudges. You are so right there is no “win” here but resentment and life passing you by.

  2. You are so right. Forgiveness is so important. The saying goes….. “I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget.’
    However, I learned that when I can truly forgive, I really do forget. Life’s too short to be bitter.
    Forgiveness isn’t always easy though. In some cases it can take a very long time but I think that’s okay too!

    1. You are right it is hard but I think so worth it not to replay again and again past hurts. I think mindfulness would help also as just being present. So to forgiveness and letting go. thanks for commenting and visiting.

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