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Entryway light fixture – HELP!!

I have always been someone who is slow at making decisions.  I weigh the pros and cons (maybe too much!) below deciding.  I am getting better at pushing my boundaries as I create the life I want.  This involves renovating and putting my stamp on my home.  During the past few years I have completed a kitchen renovation (walls down), new flooring and most recently baseboards.

Now I want to start on smaller projects that will make a big difference.  The first project is a new entryway light fixture.  My current one came with the place!  Told you I was slow at change.  My ceiling is not high so nothing hanging – I guess more flush to the ceiling is what I need.  My dining room light fixture can be seen from the entryway and is silver with glass beads.  Below shot is taken from the entryway.

Below are a few light fixtures I am looking at.  I would love to hear what you think or recommend.  Any online shops/websites I should be checking out?




The above light fixtures I found at major building supply stores in my area.  Thanks for helping give me a push!

You can always start now!


2 thoughts on “Entryway light fixture – HELP!!

  1. LOL that would be an easy choice for me as I would go with the last one on your list – matches the roundness of the other fixture you can see when you walk in, it has similar features and is close to the ceiling which is a good thing if you don’t have the height 🙂 will be curious to see what you go with!

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!