Angel Card – Courage

If you are new to the blog for the past few months I have been writing weekly about Angel Cards.  I pull a card out once a week and put my thoughts down on what that word means to me.  This week the word was courage.


The picture says it all for me.  Diving into something without knowing if you have a safety net.  Letting go and stepping into the unknown.  That takes courage.  Life is a journey and we can’t control a lot of it.  So I think we get hung up on what we can control and often become scared to push boundaries.  We might not like where we are but we feel safe and somewhat in control.  Courage is taking the first step out of our comfort zone.

I don’t think courage has to involve anything earth shattering (at least to being with!!!).  It could be taking a class in an area you are interested in or finally planning the trip you have always dreamed about.  I think courage is pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Realising we might not always have a safety net or the one we think we have is full of holes!

On our journey we want to have times when our heart races with excitement and the unknown. We don’t want to have regrets at the end of the day and it takes courage to try new things and take that first step.  I think we all have courage inside us.  We are just not tapping into it to move to another level.  So do something courageous this week – try a new restaurant, read a book outside your genre and/or plan and book a trip.  Just do it.  Take that step.

You can always start now!

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