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Final outcome – is that what we should be aiming for?

I listened to a Jen Carrington “Make it Happen” podcast and she said “don’t hold so tightly to the outcome”.  This was referring to being creative and putting yourself out there.  Something I have to work on constantly.  It resonated with me that if we wait for perfection in our work or even to try something different, then we might get stuck and try nothing.


Imagine never trying to paint, write, pottery or photography because you think you will not be perfect at it!  This is where “holding too tight to the outcome” comes into play.  Who cares if it is not perfect?  Who gets to define perfect?  It is about exploring possibilities.  Maybe finding something that gives you joy.  

If you have never tried poetry but enjoy reading it, why not just sit down with pen and paper and see what happens.  Grab your camera or phone and just start snapping things that catch your eye.  Play with them in photo shop.  Purchase cheap paint and canvas and just escape into the world of color.  It is not written anywhere that what you create you have to share with anyone.  Just enjoy exploring a new medium or reconnecting with an old.

Put perfection aside and don’t think about the outcome just the journey. Be mindful of what you are currently doing and how it makes you feel.  Is there anything you have always wanted to try?  Or something you enjoyed as a child and put aside because you were not good enough at it (or you thought).   The outcome is only one piece of the journey, so let’s put that aside and just explore something new or forgotten.  If it gives us joy that is the outcome we want not necessarily the final product.

You can always start now!

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!