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Angel Card – Birth

This week I pulled out the Angel Card birth.  If we think of birth as the beginning of growth, what is it that we want to grow in to?  I want to be the best version of myself which entails constant growth and evaluation of where I am heading.


Birth is often the start of a project.  We mull over and cultivate an idea.  Not sharing until we feel we are ready and our idea is strong enough to stand on it own.  Birth can be looked at as the starting point.  Something new and exciting with lots of potential.

What are you currently thinking about?  A new project?  Idea? Is there an idea inside your head waiting the right time to come forth?  What can we give birth to and start the next stage in our growth?   In April I gave “birth” to a short story.  It is in draft form, but out there waiting for me to come back to it and start the next stage.

Giving birth should be exciting and yes scary at times.  But it is the start of something new and needs to be pursued.  So let’s think about what we would like to give birth too and get it out there so we can start the next stage in its development.

What does the word birth mean to you?  Drop a comment and let me know.  You can check out other Angel Cards under Categories.


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